Friday, August 16, 2013

August 17th: Feast Day of Diana

Feast days are days that are special to a specific deity or deities. If you are looking to work with a specific deity or ask favors these are the best days to do them. Most deities have multiple feast days so if you miss one don't worry, there will be another.

Diana is a Goddess from the Roman pantheon. Often called the Virgin Huntress, she rules over the hunt, the moon, and birthing. She is associated with wild places and animals.

As the Goddess of birthing, woman nearing their birthing time may wish to ask Diana for her assistance. Hunters may wish to ask her to bless their hunting gear, remember that Diana's hunt is not just for sport but for survival.  Those who live in our urban wilderness may wish to ask Diana to remind them of the ancient wilds. On the other hand, those of us who live in the wilds may wish to ask for protection from Diana.

Diana of the Tower, Augustus St. Gaudens

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