Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19th: Feast Day Venus & Minerva

Feast days are days that are special to a specific deity or deities. If you are looking to work with a specific deity or ask favors these are the best days to do them. Most deities have multiple feast days so if you miss one don't worry, there will be another.

Venus is the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Aphrodite is her Greek counterpart.

Since this is a feast day o f Venus, Goddess of love and beauty, it is an excellent day for love spells (though they would be strongest if this day fell on a Friday). It would also be a great day for some more mundane things like a beauty day! Schedule yourself a facial, mani-pedi, or hair cut. Do a home facial, dye your hair, or paint your toes.
The Birth of Venus Sandro Botticelli

Minerva is the Roman and Etruscan goddess of wisdom, arts, trade, and defense.

It's back to school time and who better to ask for assistance than Minerva! This would be a great day to dedicate a small shrine on your desk or somewhere in your work space. She is often represented with an owl so placing a small owl figure would be appropriate. A similar shrine could be done for a business (as goddess of trade) or for a theater, dance studio, art studio or gallery (goddess of arts). You may also wish to invoke her for protection (goddess of defense).

Minerva in Onyx, The Louvre

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