Monday, August 26, 2013

August 27th: Festival Day of Consus and Devaki

Consus is the Roman god who protects grains and other stored foods. Today would be a great day to go through your "grain stores", or in the 21st century lingo, the pantry. Check for expired foods, wipe down the shelves, donate foods you don't use. For those of us who live in the colder reaches of the world we need to think about winter and providing for our family. Things aren't as imperative now that we have access to food year round but as little as 100 years ago it was very important to have your stores ready for winter. So instead of having your stores full instead take time to winterize your house.

Wheat, photographer unkown

Devaki is the Hindu mother-goddess. Wife of Vesudeva and mother of Krishna. While everyone has different experiences with their mothers, a mother-goddess is THE mother. She offers protection, unconditional love, and encouragement. Seek out mother-goddesses to help with mommy-issues. If you had or have problems with your mother seeking the guidance of a mother-goddess can help you heal. It won't necessarily improve your situation but it can help you heal.

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