Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 29th: Feast Day Hathor & Urda

Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of love. From death yesterday to love today. Go Egypt!

I'm going to be honest, not a fan of love magick. I've done a spell or two in my day and it's given me exactly what I asked for, not what I wanted. So let's skip the "I need someone else to love me" and work on the "I love myself". If you can't love yourself, you can truly love someone else. Let's face it, we ALL need to remember ourselves once in a while.

Urda is one of the three Norse fate goddesses. She represents the past. So while we're working with Hathor to love ourselves, lets ask Urda's assistance to heal some things from our past. Can't hurt, right?

*I know some people do not believe in meshing different families of deities. If you follow one specific tradition and don't want to work with other deities that is TOTALLY fine. I'm eclectic and for the most part work with a generic "Goddess" and "God" image that fits both me and the season. I'm not, however, unashamed to ask for help where ever I can get it!

For more information about Hathor:
For more information about Urda:

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