Thursday, August 22, 2013

Magickal Thursday: Grounding & Centering

Magick this the ability to manipulate the energies of the earth. For all you geeks and sci-fi lovers out there, think "the force". (Your journey begins young Jedi.) Chuckle all you want! Honestly, minus the really cool Hollywood effects you've got yourself some magick working!

Because we all took Physics (cough, cough) we know that everything in the Universe is made up of atoms (or a vacuum but I digress). Atoms are little balls of stuff that exude energy. (Are we seeing a pattern yet?) What magick workers, heck, anyone who can focus long enough, can do is take all this energy and transform it. Remember Newton and his laws! Energy cannot be created or destroyed only transformed.

(Awe, come on Sue, we didn't want a science lesson!)

The (un)fortunate truth is, metaphysics has a great deal in common with regular physics. For those who thirst for more scientific proof, check out Quantum Theory.

Now back to the magick!


When you work with energies you don’t want to store them all inside of yourself, this could cause a whole lot of problems: insomnia and the shakes in the short term; chronic diseases in the long term. Your body may be a battery but it is not designed to handle large amounts of energy for long periods of time, it will fight back. Therefore, we learn how to ground the energies we don’t need, like a grounding rod.

If you do Yoga or any number or eastern practices you may already understand and practice grounding on a regular basis. Excellent! As a practitioner of magick you really want to get into the habit of grounding and centering daily. None of us are perfect! I know I haven't been good about this practice myself but with the kids, the house, work.... We can all make excuses but it really is something we should do. Everyone, not just magickal workers. Here are some simple ways to ground!

The Shower Ground
While standing in the shower stand under the spray and visualize the water washing away all the excess energy; cleaning out your energy center leaving them fresh and recharged. Work from your head to toes. You may find touching the areas as you go makes it easier to focus. An extra 2 minutes in the shower and done!

The Tree
(For the first few times it may be easier to do bare foot and outside in the grass.) With your feet touching the ground, sitting is fine. Visualize that you are a tree, you have roots coming from your feet going deep into the ground. "Feel" the earth as you move through it absorb the different layers of earth, rock, and water. Pull that energy up through your roots, into your legs and torso, through your head where it feeds the branches of your tree. Feel that the sun above you is nourishing and your branches and leaves stretch up high toward it. Pull that energy in and down through your branches, into your "trunk" and down into your roots.


We've grounded but we still have our own energy to deal with. For some people, exposure to magickal workings can leave them feeling exhausted. Why? Because they haven't centered (stored) their own energies. Centering goes hand in hand with grounding. By storing or locking away your own energy you won't deplete it while doing your magickal workings or get rid of it all when grounding.

To center, draw the energies into your body into your abdominal region, some like the “belly” area, some prefer higher or lower. Or you can store them in one of your chakras if you know were and what they are. Most people chose to center in the “belly” region simply because that could be considered the center of the body. Draw in the energies until you feel full. When I center I usually visualize the energy filling a balloon or beach ball, when the ball is full I stop drawing in the energy.

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