Thursday, September 5, 2013

Magickal Thursday: Cleansing

We've looked at sacred space. We've "played" with energy. Now let's start focusing that energy a little.

While anyone who has come to my house will tell you, it is always FAR from spotless. What they will tell you is that they do feel welcome, comfortable, and relaxed. Part of it is due to the fact that my house doesn't look like a museum. Put your feet on the coffee table, lay out on the couch, raid the fridge!

The other part of it, and the more important one, is that while their's dog and cat hair on the floors the energy in the house is clean. The technique of cleansing a space is one that is old as time and relatively easy to do. My son started helping me cleanse space at age 5.

Cleansing space serves multiple purposes. It removes stagnant energy from a space. Stagnant energy, like stagnant air, can cause any number of ills some physical (think viruses) and some emotional (think bad juju). Stagnant energy has the ability to influence everything from health to moods.

Energy that has stagnated too long or energy that is left after a negative event can REALLY effect your health and moods, especially your moods. Ever been somewhere that just "felt" bad. You felt uncomfortable or didn't want to be there? Most likely a build up of negative energies.

Finally, ghosts. Yes, ghosts, spirits, whatever you call them. (Once we get into October I will discuss ghosts more.) Just as in life, some spirits are good and some...not so much. Cleansing can help this as well.

Before we discussing the "how" I want to mention a few things. First, when dealing with spirits I keep in mind that most of them were there long before I was ever born. Beneficial spirits, those that protect or help in other ways, are always, ALWAYS welcome. Neutral spirits, those that neither help nor harm but are just there, aren't hurting anything so they can stay. However, spirits that are their to cause mischief or harm are not welcome.

When doing my ritual I always state clearly that beneficial spirits are welcome to stay but those that are here to cause mischief and harm must leave. My son chants: "In with the good. Out with the bad."


The most common tool used to cleanse a space is a sage smudge. Most people have heard of "smudging". Smudging is simply cleansing with smoke. While sage is the most common it is not the only. Use any incense, resin, or burning herb that you like.

Prepare the space by giving it a good physical cleaning. Then close all the windows and doors except the main door. I suggest starting in the room farthest from the main door. If you have multiple floors work from the top down. Always move counter clockwise around a room start at the door and move around it as best you can until you're back at the door.

As you're moving around the room imagine the smoke going into every corner of the space, every crack and forgotten nook.

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