Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Practical Tuesday: (a.k.a.) Virus Sufferers Unite!

So I'm blaming the late post on: 1) the fact that Monday was a holiday and totally screwed up my internal calendar for this week 2) I've been exhausted from staying up way too late with people half my age for several nights in a row and waking up way too early thanks to my seven-year-old and 3) thanks to number 2 I have a end of season virus.

It might still be a little early for this kind of post but then again, people get sick all the time.

Healing is a magickal process. Okay, maybe not in a Mary Poppins' kinda magick but in that science and magick aren't too different kinda way. Roll your eyes at me all you want but this is a process that happens at a cellular level and all you can do is support it the best you can.

When I first graduated from college I worked for a Chiropractor who always congratulated people on their healthy immune system but only when they were sick. Let's face it, a healthy immune system is the one that works not the one that doesn't.

My virus fighting regime has always been: tea tree oil, lemon, ginger, and honey tea, lots of tissues, and sleep. The tea tree oil is a natural anti- fungal, viral, and biotic. During the day while I'm awake I steams (hot water) with tea tree and/or hot compresses on my sinuses and/or chest. At night I add several drops of tea tree oil to my vaporizer and/or humidifier. Being an anti everything it helps to keep the rest of the house from getting ill by killing all the garbage floating around and can be breathed in with little harm.

(Please note that people can be allergic to tea tree oil. Use a small amount initially to test in your home.)

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