Monday, September 23, 2013

Practical Tuesday: Magickal Meditation - Home in your mind

For my students I often have them create a safe space "in their mind". During meditation create a space, a home if you will. One student has a thatched cottage in a forest. I have a stone manor on a sea cliff. Draw it if your creative. Make it yours. Put your totem and/or spirit animals in the space. Do landscaping, or not.

Within your space create a location where you can store unwanted, unneeded, or outdated thoughts, stress, or any other things that you want to carry in your day to day life. The location should be able to be covered. In my space I have a box located in the rocks along the beach. My student has a covered well at the edge of her forest.

Nothing in this space is lost but rather stored for later. You can access it at any time by simply going back and looking at it.

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