Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Elements: Air

Air, the breeze that blows across your face and dances in your hair. We have all, at one time or another, lifted our faces to the breeze and couldn't help but smile. 

For most magickal people, East is the direction of Air. The beginning of the sun's journey across the sky. In Greek mythology the East wind is called Eurus. It's colors are that of a bright sunny sky: yellow and blue. It's magickal tools are the censer and wand. 

Each element has an Elemental, a personification of the element. The elementals of Air are Slyphs. (Think Fairy) Slyphs create the clouds, form snowflakes, and help plants grow. Slyphs are also highly intelligent and can be tricky and/or deceptive. Use caution when working with Slyphs. 

Each element also rules certain types of animals. In the case of Air it is animals that fly or use air to get around: birds, flying insects, and spiders. Yes, young spiders spin a kind of parachute that allows them to float from one place to another. 

When it comes to magick, Air is used for: intuitive and psychic work, knowledge/learning, inspiration, hearing, travel, freedom, revealing truth and lost things, beginnings. 

Assignment: Get to know Air!

Spend some time standing (or sitting) in the wind with your eyes closed. Listen to it as it blows through the trees. Watch the leaves dance or a bird play in the wind. 

Air can be used to help you focus so anyone who is a student, in the process or learning, or in a situation where you need to have 100% of your attention on a subject, call upon air to help you. Planning a trip? Call upon air to help with "smooth sailing". I regularly use air to help me find lost items. 

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