Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Elements: Earth

Analysis: foreign contaminant. Substance is a three phase system composed of various combinations of naturally derived solids. Subject is most commonly referred to as "soil", "dirt", or "earth" ((From Disney/Pixar's Wall-E, 2008) 

Yes, I'm a Pixar geek but admit it, it is a pretty good opening for Earth! 

For most magickal people, North is the direction of Earth, though, like South, our friends in the southern hemisphere have every right to swap these. Greek mythology the North wind is called Boreas. I bet you thought the Aurora Borealis was just a fancy name! It's colors are that of the earth itself: multiple shades of browns, the green of growing things. It's magickal tools are the crystals and gemstones, pentacles and pentagrams, and salt. 
There is a reason people put those little gnome statues in their gardens. Gnomes are the elemental of Earth. Unlike their cousins the Slyphs, Gnomes are dedicated and loyal. I bought a 120 year old home several years ago and inherited a Brownie (aka a house Gnome). My plants never looked better, well, until the cat, dog, and child had at them. 
The animals of earth are large, maternal land mamals: cow, horse, bison, deer. 
When it comes to magick, Earth is used for: growth, fertility, money, grounding, empathy, prosperity, wisdom, teaching.
Assignment: Get to know Earth!
Gardening is an excellent way to commune with Earth. Spending time up to your elbows in growing things! *sigh* Sculpting is another. Clay is just another form of earth after all. I spent a great deal of time in pottery classes during my college years. It helped me to ground and heal. 
Money magick is centered around Earth. Why? Because from fertile earth things grow and what is the best way to make more of something? Get it to grow! I always keep my pocket change in a brown ceramic bowl. When the bowl gets full I roll the change and deposit it or give it to my son but I never empty the bowl. The bowl becomes a symbol of your bank account and it is never empty.

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