Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Elements: Fire

(I'm sorry I haven't been posting. I've been sick since Saturday morning.)

What is it about sitting around a fire with friends? Is it some part of our ancient DNA? 

For most magickal people, South is the direction of Fire, though for our friends on the southern side of the equator I can completely understand swapping north and south. In Greek mythology the South wind is called Notus. It's colors are that of fire: red and orange. (Yes, fire can be blue and white too!) It's magickal tools are the censer, candles, and athame (ceremonial knife/dagger)

The elemental of fire is the Salamander. Of the four elementals this is the only one that closely resembles a creature from this plain of existence. I often think of the elemental Salamander as, well, for lack of a better term a pocket dragon. Let's be honest though, who would really want to keep a fire breathing dragon in their pocket? Salamanders live in the heart of a fire and are, like all elementals, the personification of fire. 

Animals of fire are those that are aggressive and/or passionate (in a metaphorical sense anyway). Traditionally the snake and lion are connected to fire. There are two non-traditional creatures that are, let's face it, almost more the embodiment of fire than the Salamander: dragons and phoenix.  

When it comes to magick, Air is used for: change, sight, learning, love & passion, sexuality, creativity, transformation, protection, and courage. Fire can also be used for healing. To some extent all the elements could be used in healing in one form or another but more about that later.

Assignment: Get to know Fire!

Spend some time sitting in front of a fire, a candle will work. Feel the energy, the heat, coming from the flame. Watch how it transforms it's fuel into something new. 

Fire is often called upon to "spice" up a relationship. (wink) However, I'd rather touch on the protection aspect of fire. You've been practicing your shielding, right? To start the easiest thing to do is imagine yourself in a soap-type bubble. Let's change it up and make it a ball of flame!

A word of caution though, your shield is how people will perceive you before you ever talk to them. A raging ball of flame may make others feel like your hostile and/or out of control. On the other hand, a gentle flame, like a candle, will be more likely to make people feel warm and welcome but come too close and you might get burned. 

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