Monday, August 17, 2015

Magickal Monday: August 17th

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When I was first learning witchcraft nearly 20 years ago, this was drilled into my head. We started and ended every lesson with grounding. I cannot stress this enough: grounding is important for your well being and health.

Sure, roll your eyes at me, tell me I'm exaggerating but a body cannot vibrate at a high energy state for a long period of time. What happens to a car on a rough road? Everything rattles and shakes, bolts come loose, tires go out of alignment and it becomes and expensive mess. THE SAME THING HAPPENS TO YOU. Unlike a car, we don't usually feel the vibrations caused by energy but trust me, it's there!

Short term exposure can cause headaches, nausea, hyper activity, fatigue, body aches, and a weakened immune system. Long term exposure can cause joint problems, concentration issues, chronic illnesses and cell mutations (a.k.a. cancer).

So, here's a really simple grounding exercise that can be done at any time. I suggest the you do it in the morning while you're getting ready for the day, before bed, and before and after any magickal work. It's super easy and once you get used to doing it, it can be done in as little as a minute.

Grounding Exercise

You may wish to do this barefoot in the grass or dirt to start with. Stand (or sit if you are unable to stand) with your feet about shoulder width apart. Close your eyes and take 2-3 deep breaths filling your lungs completely and breathing out slowly. Focus on your feet, imagine they are roots burrowing deep into the ground. The excess energy from your body draining down your legs, into your feet, and down into the earth.

Note: You can also use this to pull energy in if you are in need of some extra.

a.k.a. Balancing the Energy Within

You can take this mediation further by continuing it into a centering exercise. Centering balances the energies in your body.

Pull the energy from the earth up through your roots, into your legs, up your trunk, and out your head and arms which now become branches. The energy goes out toward the sun. Pull in the energy from the sun, warm and nourishing. Pull that energy down through your branches, into your trunk. Feel where the energies merge in your belly. The earth and water from your roots and the air and fire from your branches. Bring those energies to balance releasing what you do not need.

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