Monday, September 14, 2015

Magickal Monday: September 14th


FYI: I’m keeping things VERY simple and VERY generic.

Alter/Ritual space: Decorate in brightly colored leaves, basket of apples or other seasonal fruits/vegetables, and nuts

Self: It’s always a good idea to bathe before ritual. It’s a great way to get rid of the yuck of the day and watch is washes away down the drain. If time does not allow for this, a smudging. Use a favorite stick, cone, or loose incense and (safely) waft it over your body. Alternatively, you can place it on the floor and stand over it for a few seconds, again, making sure it is safe to do so.

Tools/Needed Items:
3 Pieces of Paper
Fire Safe Container

Ritual – Written for Solitary Practitioner

Cast the circle

Draw a circle using your finger or tool of your preference around the area you will be working in. Walk clockwise preferably starting in one of the cardinal directions (North, South, East, or West). As you move around the space imagine energy flowing from your finger and creating a shield that protects you from harmful energies (as well as small children, partners, and rambunctious pets). J When you have completed the circle you should imagine that the energy goes up to meet above your head and down to meet below your feet….your own happy bubble space!
**Super formal option**
Point your finger/tool up: As above. Point your finger/tool down: So below. This circle is sealed by spirit.

Call the corners
Remember this is the way I call the corners and the direction/elemental matching I use, everyone is different.

Face East: I welcome the energies of air.
Face South: I welcome the energies of fire.
Face West: I welcome the energies of water.
Face North: I welcome the energies of earth.

Call the God/ess
Using very generic imaging, feel free to substitute your preferred.

Lady of the harvest, I ask for your blessings as I celebrate the time of balance. 
Lord of the harvest, I ask for your blessings as I celebrate the time of balance. 


Mabon is a time of balance, Day and night are equal. It is also a time to review the harvest. We gather what we have sown, celebrate the accomplishment, learn from our mistakes, and plan for the next spring. (Gardeners, you know what I'm talking about.) We will do the same with ourselves.

On one piece of paper, write all that you have accomplished (harvested). On the next, write all that still needs work (plants we need to bed for the winter). Finally, write everything that is standing in your way. Goals or things (feelings) that you have not and will not meet without revision (these are the plants that failed for one reason or another and are headed for the compost). Let them go for now, we can get back to them in a few months but in the meantime let them go so they can fertilize new growth. 

Keep the first list, the accomplishments, with you to remind you what you can do when you put your mind to it.

Keep the second list somewhere to remind yourself what still needs to be done.

The third you will burn in the fire safe container (our "compost bin") and release what's holding you back. 

List examples
Goals Met
Goals in Progress
-New job
-Working with kids on religious beliefs
-Keep a Martha Stewart house
-Saved money
-Healthier me
-Relationship (friendship/romantic)
-Keeping up blog
-Finding the positives daily
-Focusing on the negatives

Closing the circle

Thank the Lord and Lady for their blessings.

Release the corners.
Face North: I give thanks to the element of earth.
Face West: I give thanks to the element of water.
Face South: I give thanks to the element of fire.
Face East: I give thanks to the element of air.

Walk counter clockwise starting from the point you finished. Use your finger (or tool) to pull the energy back in. Do not hold this energy inside you, instead imagine it’s more like a vacuum and you’re finger is sucking up the energy and depositing it into the earth. Walk a complete circle.
**Super formal option**
Point your finger/tool up: As above. Point your finger/tool down: So below. This circle open but unbroken..

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