Friday, September 4, 2015

Oops...What happened to Magickal Monday?

I recently downloaded a few Paganism books from Amazon. I do this every few years, usually finding one author that I find knowledgeable and then going out and purchasing more of their material. As for the other authors....*sigh*

I'm currently reviewing a book that makes me want to yell at the screen. Instead, I feel I would be better off sharing information with others.

1. Think of religions like umbrellas.

Yup, you read that right. Picture the umbrella as the basis of belief.

If we were to take Christianity, for example. Christians follow the teachings of Christ - CHRIST - ian; CHRIST - ianity; CHRIST - mas. Yet there are many different ways to follow the Christian faith. There's Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Methodist, Baptist, etc. etc. It's umbrella would look something like this:

Paganism can also be viewed this way since Paganism, at its most basic form, is nature worship. Any belief structure that is based in some way on nature worship would fall under this umbrella. 

2. Tarot

This author states that Tarot is derived from the French word "Tarau" and is originally a card game who's original rules are lost to time. 

After searching for the meaning of the word Tarau I have discovered: 1. it is a rather popular last name. 2. It does not show up as a French word and when asked "Is Tarau as French word" search engines change the word to "touche" or "latte". 3. The ONLY definition of the word spelled TARAU is from a Maori* Dictionary and it means pants**. *Maori are the aboriginal people of New Zealand and the Polynesian islands. **Pretty sure there's not much relation to cards developed in the Middle Ages and pants from New Zealand.

Tarot cards, or a version there of, were first seen in Europe in the 14th century CE. Prior to that, a similar card system had been seen in Egypt and Turkey. Yes, it was originally played as an actual card game called Triumph but it's rules weren't lost, they evolved into the modern Bridge game that is played today. (p.s. Don't play with my family, they go for the throat!) Just like the deck itself has evolved from 4 suits of 14 cards and 22 trump cards has evolved into the current deck of playing cards we know today. 

I guess what I'm really trying to say is, take everything you read with a grain of salt. (This includes me, please!) While I try hard to research my information and post references not everyone has my level of training when it comes to writing and referencing. Today anyone can write and publish a book. If you start reading something and it brings on more questions than answers check the references. This particular book had 12 references and half of them were all books by the same author. If you're going to write a book your information should be coming from varied sources.

I'll post a list of my library and favorite authors soon.


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