Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Solstice 2016

Recently, several of my friends and I have discussed meditation. It's ability to help us connect with the Lord and Lady, the land, spirit, ourselves, or just a way to get a better night's sleep.

Tonight, being the Summer Solstice, or Litha for those of us who celebrate the holiday, I decided to spend some time outside. I grabbed a blanket, a couple of crystals, my phone (which held some meditation music), and my notebook and pen. I was followed by Hugh, my 11 year old tabby cat and familiar.

I laid everything, including myself, on the lawn. I got ready to turn on my music when I stopped. My wind chimes sung softly, answered by the gentle rustle of leaves, distant songs of birds, soft movements of the cows grazing feet away, and Hugh, patrolling the yard on soft paws.

I opened my eyes. To the west, though after 9 pm, the sky still glowed softly. Above me plants, stars and satellites came to life. Fireflies began to dance across the field and yard.

The wind caressed my skin and played with my hair. It carried the sents of the backed grass the cows, and from somewhere far off, wood smoke, as if someone else was celebrating the night.

When I woke at 3 am with the moonlight shining on my face, I knew that there would be little sleep for me this day. The energies are vibrating too high for sleep so, instead, I watch the light fade in the west and the fireflies dance. Listen to the bird song fade and the peepers take over. I bathe in the caress of the moonlight and starlight and the night wind. All with my familiar prowling and watching.

So what does this have to do with my meditation comment? EVERYTHING!

The form of meditation I practice and teach is called mindfulness meditation. It's goal is not to clear your mind but to be present in the now. It can be done sitting, walking, dancing, doing laundry or dishes.

It can be done siting on a blanket on a midsummer's night with pen and paper, cats and cows and dancing fireflies between the setting sun and the rising moon.

Photo by Author, 6/20/2016